The New Renaissance

The New Renaissance

Intelligence is not about what we know; it is about what we understand about what we know. True understanding comes from God, and as the world thirsts for truth and understanding, God is revealing more of it every day.
Within Christianity, there are countless religions, just as there are with in Islam. Whether you are Christian, Muslim, Mormon, Baptist, or even a Scientologist, the foundations of all religions have begun to shake. God will not allow ignorance to reign anymore. People are being forced to come face-to-face with truth, and Gods truth is undeniable.
Religion has put God in a box, welded it shut, surrounded it by rules and laws, and finally threw it into the deepest ocean. We have been taught that our road is narrow and our path is rocky, but that is not what God has said. Religion tells us that we must suffer for our sins, and are bound by our pasts. My father never said that, in fact he sent Jesus to die so that I could have grace. My path is wide and my future is my own. God has given us the freedom to become what we will, and my hearts desires are his desires. Religion hides Gods character behind mans’ judgments and forces us all to walk a line that does not exist.
God is continually changing and moving. What stays constant is Gods character. As we get comfortable in old works God moves on to new works, he is continually revealing more of himself to us everyday. In order to learn, we have to get out of our comfort areas, and be willing to be challenged. No one likes their intelligence challenged, but God changes and so should we. I don’t believe the same things I did six months ago, and I hope that six months from now I understand a newer truth. Religions are old works long passed over by God. Our Father has hard-wired us to be forever moving forward in our thinking, our beliefs, and our relationship with him. To be complacent is to accept mediocrity.
New truths are coming forth every day. As men are willing to think out side convention and question the belief systems of religion, God is allowing them to see and understand more of his character. God is not in control. If he were in control then we would not have freewill. Rather, God is in charge and we choose to follow his lead. How much more delight does a father have in his son when his son does something delightfully unexpected? A great number of men are sweeping our nation teaching freedom from religion and one-on-one relationship with the Father. Our destinies are in our hands. God has instilled many great things in me, but I choose my path and I choose him as my guide. What brings you greater joy: knowing your child has to love you, or knowing that they choose to love you? God delights in me, and my choice to let him lead.
What if God was more concerned about the condition of my heart rather than the tattoos’ on my arm? God wants our relationship with him to grow stronger, yet at the same time he gives us the freedom to delight in the world we live in. Religion has told us certain things are wrong, that God has never said. Sin is mostly relative. It is relative to you, your situation, and what God has told you. It is not a dark blanket spread across the earth that you are either under or over. Religion has taken tools and turned them into law, and consequently created social condemnation. No longer does the church rule by torture and death as it did in Martin Luther’s time. The church controls by social condemnation. If you do not follow the established rules you are not under Gods grace, this is a teaching taught by all religions that is NOT biblical. God does not judge by right or wrong, nor should we. Our decisions should be based on Life and Death. What decision will produce life, and what decision will produce death. Right and wrong refers to sin or not sin, but as stated before sin is relative. Life and Death are not relative; a decision will always produce one or the other. Right is not always life, and wrong is not always death.
The issues of the heart is where Gods hand is. The more we look inwardly to who we are, the more we can understand who he is, and the more effective we can be. Our job is to show people who Christ is within us, and to establish the Kingdom on earth. How can this ever be done if we stay in the same place believing the same things. Religion is not the Kingdom; the Kingdom is people. Jesus’ death was in a small part for the forgiveness of our sins, but he also died so that we could have a line of communication directly to God. We all should have our own relationship with God. Religion has sought to spoon-feed the masses whatever that religion deems as truth. Yet, people all over the world are beginning to see past the spoon. How can we get to know God if we don’t question him? Is he not so great that he can’t see your heart in your questions? As I stated before, the Kingdom is about people, it is about your relationships: with God, your family, the people around you, and the world.
If someone painted my image of God this is what he would look like: a general on top of his steed charging the enemy in the thick of the battle with his men, a close friend sitting on a porch drinking a beer and talking about life, a father that loves his son beyond understanding, and finally, a truth and a love that I cannot cease to run after.
This New Renaissance has begun its tidal wave, and as God rips though the foundations of the church, he will breathe new thoughts and new revelations into those who are willing to change and uproot their belief systems. To change is to affect, and so I shall live my one life forever changing and moving forward.


One thought on “The New Renaissance

  1. Just an FYI. The New Renaissance is the foundation for all my writing. If you haven’t read through it, please do. It could help clarify my train of thought and ideals for my current writting.


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