Proactive Healing

As Christians who believe in the power of healing, and as Americans who have developed a self-entitlement attitude, we have become lazy in our belief system of healing. Its “God please heal me” while I sit here doing the same things I have always been doing. With this attitude of self-entitlement, we expect God to heal us because we are Christian, a good person, and we deserve it. Yes, God can heal whomever he wants whenever he wants, yet, as we are children of freewill we can choose to do with our health as we please.
For the most part people have become complacent with illness and disease and we are dying of disease every day. I am not talking about becoming a scientist and curing cancer, I’m talking about becoming proactive in your own healing.
In looking at a contrast between our health care beliefs and our religious beliefs, we find similarity. We believe cancer is incurable because the majority believes it can’t be cured. Just like widely held doctrines that have been proven non-biblical, we all accepted them as truth because it was comfortable and we never even thought to question it. Then one day an unusual teacher comes in and shatters all our past belief systems. This is what needs to happen with our healing. Just because the medical profession says it can’t be done does not mean it can’t be done. Once we have indoctrinated ourselves with these ideals of healthcare, and then disaster strikes, we have no hope. We place all our questions, blame, responsibility, and expectations on God. He is big enough to handle it, but what about accepting it, dealing with it, and refusing to accept that prayer is all you have left. God answers those prayers of desperation, but this is where self-entitlement comes in and we are not willing to do the work to pull through and make the changes. I tell you right now the old days of huge crowds following a Jesus-like healer around and watching him heal the sick and make the blind see is over. In my heart, I believe God has moved on. The Kingdom is becoming localized, within us, and our houses of support and teaching. We don’t need to roll our wheel chairs up to an alter to find healing. God has put that within in us, that is part of the Christ within us.
Type 1 diabetes has ruled my life for ten years, and one thing that God keeps pushing into my mind is a story my mother told me about my grandfather. I never knew him but he had these old things within in him called grit and determination. See my grandfather drove a truck and one day his truck was hit by a train. The doctors told him he would never walk again. Every day after he got home he would take my mother and walk downtown to my grandmother’s work on his crutches. I cannot imagine that pain, but he rehabilitated himself, and eventually went back to work. He took a proactive approach to his healing. Sure, he could have sat in his chair and asked God to heal his leg, but instead he got up and let Gods creation heal itself. I’m not saying that if he would have asked, God wouldn’t have healed him right there. However, his pain, strength, and grit passed on to his grandchildren.
Self-entitlement says that I am entitled to my healing, and I will pray until I get it, and God will give it to me. God has created our bodies to heal themselves, and he has given us a world of wonderful support for our health, we have just added too much, took away too much, and changed too much. The doors to healing have been opened and the wisdom is there. God has put it in front of all of us; we have just come to expect it to fall in our laps. Quit being lazy; break the self-entitlement chains, and become proactive in your own healing. Take action, and responsibility for your health. God has put within us all the means to heal ourselves, and seeking his hand in a proactive manner for our healing is where I believe the Kingdom is moving. God acts upon prayer, and I am not saying not to pray for healing. I am simply saying to get off your ass and do something else besides what we have been doing for the last two thousand years. The Bible says to first pray for yourself and then seek out the elders. My prayer for my healing is that God gives me the wisdom and strength to unlock the death of diabetes within myself so that other people may be able to do the same by following my steps. How much more life is given that way rather than a one-time miracle?


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