Be a King

You are the king of your life

1. Stop Lying. Stop holding things back and holding them in. Be honest always. We always tend to project our needs, inadequate self image, and unhappiness on the people and circumstances around us. Here is the secret, YOU ARE LIEING TO YOURSELF and everyone around you. Be honest with yourself. If something in your life is not right, it’s all you. 

2. Earn her affection. Earn it.  Take charge of where you want the relationship to go. Own it and lead it like a king. Most of us expect our relationships to just keep an even flow of love, affection, and attention with maximum effort in the begging and continually decreasing as time goes on. My wife and I have been going through some very tough relationship issues.  I have learned that if you want affection you earn it. If you want love you fight for it. If you want intimacy then you need to be someone your partner wants to be intimate with.

3. Calm down! Become less of an emotional turmoiled little bitch. Own this thing called life. Take those deep breathes, exhale, and then move forward. We all take everything way to personal. Your relationship is in shambles because you didn’t put into it what you needed to. Your life is stuck because you aren’t putting in the work and risk to do something different. Step back, take a breath, stop whining, stop asking why me, and crack on!!!!

4. Never let a single day take away your happiness. EVER!!! Rise up every moment of every day.  

5. You control what influences your thought. No one and nothing else but you. Stop blaming and start being a King. Own your mind. Your anxiety, stress, frustration, exhaustion, anger, and emotional pain is all in your mind. If it is within you, then it belongs to you, if it belongs to you then you have to take responsibility for it and you can in fact change it. 

6. Suppress the needs you need to suppress. Don’t be controlled by primal instincts. The king focuses his attention on the right things. Everyone has unmet needs in their lives. Those needs may be relational, financial, social, and many others. Some days your needs will be met and others won’t, don’t let those things control your drive and your emotional state. Most of the things we believe to be needs are simply desires. Yes life is better when we have our needs met. But sometimes those needs control our behaviors and cause us to make the wrong decisions.

7. Accept nothing less than excellence from yourself every day. 

8. Smile!!! As often and as much as you can. It’s hard for some people to walk around with a smile on their face, and others are naturally that way. Simply smiling helps to bring about a happiness within you. Finding a way to smile in the depth of the mess that is your life is the first step of moving forward into something new. 


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