Humility is one of those things that is overlooked more often than not, because it’s the easiest thing to sacrifice for the sake of success, or determination, or business. Take for instance someone in a leadership role, they teach and train and pour their gifts into many who come and go. This leader has pride in what they do and that pride is good, pride is not the enemy of humility. There is always an undeniable moment that arises in the heart of every human being, and It is the moment when that person you helped becomes greater than you and more successful than you. For many, that pride you once felt turns into anger and resentment. Humility is the leader that knows sometimes they will be nothing more than a stepping stone for others. I’m not saying to go get stepped on. Humility doesn’t care if someone they helped is waving a flag with their face on it. Humility is the tell all trait, that when missing shows the intent of a person’s heart and the real “why” behind their actions. Humility is easy to hang onto during failure, and much harder to grasp during success. I would encourage you to always keep humility at your forefront and do what you do out of passion, love, and a heart full of humility.


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