10 things I learned starting over at 31 

1. Find yourself and be yourself. Your flaws, regardless of the work you put in to change them will always be apart of who you have become. 
2. Love doesn’t have to be hard, and when you find that person that makes it easy hold on to them. 
3. Don’t take life so seriously. It’s already hard enough, try to enjoy it. 
4. Don’t take yourself so seriously, embrace your weird. 
5. Learn how to laugh at everything, seriously, laughter changes everything and every moment. 
6. Money is a tool you can use to either better your life or make it worse. Use it to make memories. Don’t let it become a stress. 
7. Sometimes you need to stay up late, drink too much, and make a fool of yourself. It’s good for you.
8. Let down your guard. The best things in life happen when you stop worrying about what everyone else thinks. 
9. Put yourself above all else, because when you are right with yourself you can be right with the world around you. 
10. Never ever ever ever take anything for granted. Appreciate your success, your failures, your pain, and every single thing you have walked through. 

One more thing.  Number 11. 
11. Love is literally the only thing in life that really matters. Love yourself, love your family, love that person that makes your come alive inside (Melissa Hendrix), and love the world you live in. You only have one shot! You might as well enjoy it.