I am 26 now, and I seek daily to gain new understanding and shed old ways of thought. I believe that religion has been able to socially control the masses for countless generations. We live in a post Christian nation that religion has devistated. There is freedom in the Word of the God, if you search through it for yourself and seek the personal relationship God offers all people through his Son. Please read and comment. Thanks….
(I strongly suggest that we as people in the world question everything all the time. Even with most basic thoughts of life and religion. We can gain new perspective when we question our beliefs and try to better understand, disprove, or change those thought processes.)


2 thoughts on “About

  1. So EXCITED about your blog Jared!!! I pray God uses your writing time to reveal more of Himself to you… and that God uses the time your readers spend reading your BLOG… being drawn closer to Him than ever before!!!!

    Fight on Tender Warrior!!!

    {I saw a T-Shirt the other day that I think you need… it read “It’s against my RELATIONSHIP to have a RELIGION”}


  2. Awesome writing Jared! Saw Shane’s post of FB about your blog so i decided I would check it out and I am so amazed! You have such a tremendous talent for writing and an incredible way of expressing yourself through it! Once I read your very first blog I could not stop and continued until I had read them all. Very inspiring, interesting and wonderfully worded articles. I look forward to reading more! I am definetly going to refer some people I know to start reading your blog because I think they are at a certain point in their lives that your words could possibly inspire them to seek the the truth and gain some much needed knowledge on the whole aspect of “religion”.


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